Ai Created 1,095 YouTube Shorts in 9 MINUTES For Me. WOW! ( ChatGPT & Canva Method )

Ai Created 1,095 YouTube Shorts in 9 MINUTES For Me. WOW! ( ChatGPT & Canva Method )

AI is here and in many ways, making our lives easier. And when it comes to creating YouTube shorts, TikToks, or Instagram Reels, AI can pretty much handle the entire content creation process.

In this video, Walter P Henry, shows you how to leverage ChatGPT and Canva to create hundreds or even thousands of shorts in just a couple of clicks that can be used on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok.

You will learn step by step how you can create eye-catching content that can enhance an existing channel or launch a faceless channel.

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Prompt 1:

Please create 45 sets of positive affirmations. Please reference and follow the included examples, and format them in a table with column one being the “category”, column two being the “use”, and column three being the “solution”. These positive affirmations should be for building wealth, improving health, stronger relationships, boosting confidence, motivation, encouragement, capturing a better quality of life, and more. The positive affirmations should be appealing and engaging, and written at a 5th grade reading level. Do not repeat any positive affirmation. Here are a few examples:

Category: Wealth

Use: Make More Money in 2024 With this

Solution: I am worthy of the wealth I desire

Category: Relationships

Use: Find Your Dream Partner With This…

Solution: Today I am letting love into my life

Category: Health

Use: Heal Your Body With This

Solution: My Body is a temple of health and vitality

Prompt 2:

Please create 45 more using the same specifications, and please do not repeat any of the ones already given.